Street to Home is Growing

Four years ago I founded a project called Street to Home that aims to advance progress on ending homelessness locally. S2H is distinct because it isn’t another non-profit – it is an effort to employ collective impact to create opportunities of high leverage to solve a complex social issue.

Today homelessness in Melbourne, Florida is still a top community issue, so there remains much work to do. But progress is being made. S2H partners have helped over 100 residents with the longest histories of homelessness achieve housing stability. Daily Bread and South Brevard Sharing Center now invest in ending homelessness, not just feeding. The City of Melbourne has become the first municipality in Brevard to allocate general revenue funds directly for reducing homelessness. The Housing Authority of Brevard County is allocating resources to create supportive housing for those with the greatest needs. $14 million dollars of equity is being invested in the construction of affordable housing. This is more than any single organization might accomplish alone–it is the result of a collective, leveraged approach.

Today I am excited to announce that our collective impact will be increasing through new partnership with the healthcare sector. And with that, new career opportunities for care professionals. Street to Home is growing.

Housing is Healthcare #

Research clearly shows that health is more than medical care, and the high mortality associated with living outside merits special attention.

To meet this need, Street to Home is building an interagency team of community-based care professionals who are experts in helping people with long histories of homelessness and complex health needs reintegrate into the community. This Critical Transitions Team will be clinically led by new partner Brevard Health Alliance, with partners Daily Bread and South Brevard Sharing Center also hiring dedicated team members.

This growth is made possible through new investment by Brevard Health Alliance, Central Florida Cares Health System, and Melbourne Mainstreet, along with continued support by the City of Melbourne and other anchor Street to Home supporters.

Effectively immediately, Street to Home partners are recruiting for the following Critical Transition Team members:

  1. Lead Critical Time Intervention Specialist employed by partner Brevard Health Alliance

  2. Housing Success Specialist employed by partner Daily Bread

  3. Housing Success Specialist employed by partner South Brevard Sharing Center

Are you a practitioner with a professional interest in working with special populations with complex health needs? Come join our effort and help accelerate progress on ending homelessness in Florida.


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